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Who we are & what our Objectives are?

Start - up story: After being cheated by many renowned Internet Service providers, we decided to provide internet and other networks related services where there is no cheating and everything is on record.

We're not only the Internet Service provider but also the Internet Service seeker and do strongly believe that the Best service is nothing but a service that is restored as soon as possible and there is no cheating.

Who we are: CONSAM Networks is one of the assistive departments at CONSAM Group responsible to manage connectivity among various branches/offices/factories /warehouses etc.

While at CONSAM, we do have a core belief that “Big is nothing but systematic & consistent focus on accomplishment of small things” and adhering to the same, we believe to provide a world class service.

CONSAM Networks presently offers you seamless internet connectivity by way of initially sharing the same on revenue basis & also projects to procure B & A Class IPS license to provide you other internet & telecom solutions in future.


Current Deals & Offers

  • CONSAM Firenet
    This plan provides you b...
    INR 1,000/-
    INR 500/- Only

  • CONSAM Internet (30 GB, 2 Mbps)
    This plan provides you b...
    INR 400/-
    INR 280/- Only

  • CONSAM Internet (40 GB, 4 Mbps)
    This plan provides you b...
    INR 800/-
    INR 640/- Only

  • CONSAM Internet (60 GB, 6 Mbps)
    This plan provides you b...
    INR 1,200/-
    INR 1,080/- Only

  • CONSAM Internet (80 GB, 8 Mbps)
    This plan provides you b...
    INR 1,600/-
    INR 1,520/- Only

  • CONSAM Mpls FBJ (5 Mbps)
    This plan provides you d...
    INR 4,500/-
    INR 4,275/- Only



CONSAM Industries Pvt. Ltd. (Assistive Department of Networks & IT at CONSAM),
Raniganj Road, Town of Forbesganj,
Dist: Araria
Pin: 854318


0091 99057 30689 | 0091 70910 97093

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